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Telehealth includes video and telephone sessions conducted to provide therapy, counselling, psychology, consulting, and assessment services. Please read the following carefully before starting your telehealth session. The button to join your video telehealth session is below.



Necessary Equipment:

To participate in telehealth therapy, you will need the following:

  • Access to a computer/laptop, android device, iOS device, or telephone​

  • A confidential and comfortable space

  • If using video session, you will also need:

    • A reliable internet connection

    • Access to a reliable web browser (Chrome is recommended)

      • Please note - if you are using an iOS device you will need to download the Jane Video app

      • For Android devices, please use Chrome

Even with these things, you may find that the your session experiences technology-related complications, like time delays, equipment failure, slowed video, or mismatched video-audio. Trailhead will do the best it can to ensure a comfortable video session, but we cannot be held responsible for technology-related complications.




There are limitations to telehealth therapy that differ from the limitations of in-person therapy. These might include:

  • There is a high possibility of mis-communication between the client and therapist. Please check with your therapist if something is unclear, seems like an “odd” response, or is otherwise concerning for you. Your therapist will do the same with you.

  • Telehealth therapy may not be the best fit for you. Given that Trailhead is currently moving to telehealth therapy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is not an in-person option. Trailhead will continue to follow the guidelines of the Chief Medical Officer with regards to in-person therapy. When it is safe for client’s and therapist’s to resume in-person therapy, your therapist will discuss your options and preferences with you (i.e. continue with telehealth therapy or return to in-person therapy).



Security and Confidentiality:

No telehealth sessions are to be recorded, by Trailhead or by the client. Screen shots by the client are also not permitted.

For our video sessions, Trailhead has chosen to use 

  • These services provide peer to peer audio/visual communication, meaning that all traffic flows between the client and the therapist’s web browser. Jane's servers are completely bypassed; they have no access to this communication.

  • This traffic/communication is encrypted between the client and the therapist’s web browser and is not stored anywhere.

  • As with all services offered via the internet there is always the possibility that the transmission of information may not be secure.


For our telephone sessions, Trailhead continues to use Northwestel and Bell. As mentioned in our Consent to Services, there is always the possibility that the transmission of information may not be secure on landlines or with cell services.


If your child is attending telehealth, please keep in mind that your child’s telehealth session is under the same confidentiality and limits of confidentiality as in-person sessions.

  • This means that your child is entitled to a private, quiet space for their session and that your child has the right to share or not share the details of their session as they choose.

  • Trailhead staff will continue to abide by the agreement reached on the Consent to Service Form about the sharing of information with caregivers. Please ask us for a copy.


Joining a Telehealth Session:

You can join your telehealth session in two ways.

1: You will receive an email reminder approximately 30 minutes before your session. Click the "Begin Your Online Session" link within this email.

2: You can access your telehealth session through your Jane account. Click the button below to use this method.

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